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So, you started your latest project and have all the difficult and precise work finished. All that’s left are hours and hours of sanding, finishing, and cleaning up after yourself—really, the most important part of all projects. Everyone knows that sanding can be relaxing—almost meditative at times—but it can also be just downright boring. What to do with all of that time? I have a couple of podcast recommendations that are sure to please your ears and mind for hours, even after you have swept the last of the sawdust away. 

Stuff You Should Know

SYSK is one of the longest-running podcasts with a catalog of episodes that dates back to 2008. The podcast covers a wide variety of topics. Curious about how facial recognition software works or what really happened during the Byford Dolphin diving incident? Ever wonder how to crack a safe? These are just a few of the deep rabbit holes you’ll find yourself diving into with hosts Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark. Each episode features amazingly interesting information alongside funny pop culture references and dumb jokes. New episodes release on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a select past episode airing each Saturday. 


Like music history? How about true crime? If you answered yes to either or both of these questions, stop what you’re doing right now and download a couple of episodes of Disgraceland. I’ll wait. Whether you like old-school country, rock ‘n roll, hip hop, or punk, these mixed-up, real-life stories of musicians will definitely grab your interest. Did you know Rick James probably saved the life of Jim Morrison? Ever hear of the trial of Spade Cooley? Did you know Johnny Cash burned down a national forest? Host Jake Brennan is clearly a music fan—and a fantastic researcher. If you are interested in the darker side of the music industry, give this podcast a listen. (Heads up, the content includes references to drugs, sex, rock ‘n roll—and murder—so, it’s definitely not appropriate for kids.)

My Brother, My Brother, and Me and The Adventure Zone

Another podcast with an extremely large back catalog is MBMBaM, hosted by three brothers—Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy. In this comedy-advice podcast, the McElroys receive questions from fans around the country and search the depths of Yahoo to provide listeners with their own, sometimes recently learned and strangely interpreted, advice. Usually, these answers have very little to do with actually helping; instead, providing a platform for the brothers to lampoon the question, the askers, Yahoo answers, or simply speculate on different outcomes. The McElroys and their father can also be found on The Adventure Zone, a live-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast that will not only whet your appetite for D&D but also have you laughing out loud. So far, the gang has been on two full adventures and is about to embark on their third. With the exception of a little language, both of these podcasts should be OK for all ages.

Making It

Hosted by Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagget, and David Picciuto, Making it offers you a chance to listen in on conversations between these three master makers and YouTube creators. Each one has a different building style and background but all have mastered the ability to build just about anything by hand. Each episode features a rich conversation about design, making, or creativity and ends with the hosts sharing what they are currently watching on YouTube. I love this segment and have discovered many new YouTube channels and videos worth watching. 

Yes or BS

This trivia podcast pits two hosts against a third who must decipher fact from fiction. Sounds simple, right? It’s anything but! Hosts Paul Anthony Jones, Anthony Edmonson, and Emerson Chambers all come up with amazingly diverse facts and fictions in an engaging conversation that will keep you thinking the whole time. Was the largest penguin who ever lived really 2 meters tall? Was the teabag invented by accident? Check out past episodes and play along with current episodes on the website!

Woodworking projects offer many hours of listening time. So, pull up a stool, turn on the new-fangled podcast radio, and let your sanding and finishing hours fly by. Be sure to share your favorite episodes and podcasts in the comments section below!