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Minecraft can be a great tool for collaborative creation and learning while staying home together or as a way of sharing the same space while still continuing safe social distancing. In the spirit of connectivity, here are some resources for building a better bridge in Minecraft, and also understanding how bridges are designed and built in the real world. I have found these helpful in my own building projects on the Minecraft server that I share with friends. Our latest bridge project is pictured above. We’d love to see what you are inspired to build!

Bridge Designs Built with Minecraft:

Minecraft Build School: Bridges by Grian

Minecraft: Unique & Creative Bridge Designs! by Geg Builds

Real World Bridge Types and Structures:

Bridge Building with Physics:

Find creative solutions for construction challenges or play in sandbox mode.

Ben Watson

Ben Watson is an artist, a tinkerer, and an educator. He loves coming up with engaging ways to make youths of all ages see the world differently.