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Watercolors are a great way to express yourself and have fun—but without a few basic tips and tricks, your paper may end up a muddy mess. 

One of my favorite YouTubers is Sarah Cray. On her channel, Let’s Make Art, she has a playlist dedicated to teaching kids how to paint animals—including dinosaurs and dragonflies. Along the way, she explains color mixing and other basic watercolor techniques. All you need is a watercolor set and paintbrush, paper, and the ability to draw or print your own outlines.

Looking for more instruction? For youths, check out our after-school lessons for one-on-one lessons or our field trips for small to large groups. Adults will options on our private instruction page.  

Paint a brontosaurus:

Or a dragonfly:

Kendle Carter

Kendle Carter

Art Educator

Kendle loves to create in a wide variety of mediums—digitally and by hand. She is a world-traveler, dancing to salsa beats wherever she roams and spreads joy to those around her. She loves teaching art and delights in her student’s progress and works.