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Beverly lived in the Little Rock area for about a year before accidentally discovering the Innovation Hub through an NLR Chamber event. Little did she know that a meet-up to learn more about digital currencies would re-connect her with an old interest—pottery! 

A brief encounter with ceramics in her college days led Beverly to try the pottery wheel, where she gained a greater appreciation for the art of building clay pots but eventually decided to pursue her other hobbies—photography, basket making, and refinishing furniture. Still, she hoped to revisit the world of ceramics. 

When she realized the Hub wasn’t just a meeting space, but also offered classes in a variety of interesting subjects, Beverly was excited—and signed up immediately for an upcoming class on pottery basics.  She’s been a member of the Innovation Hub ever since. Beverly visits the pottery studio regularly to hone her skills, but says the Hub has also proved to be a great way to meet other artists and become part of Arkansas’s community of makers.  

“The Innovation Hub staff and members are always helpful and ready to share tips and techniques. It’s not just about finding skills—it’s about finding community.”

“A big thank you to Beverly for making us a part of your community and sharing your energy with us.”—Errin Stanger, Deputy Director.