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Hungry Not Starving – *Hub Member*

Deavon “Cam” Collins is a ceramic artist who specializes in dinnerware such as mugs, tea-bowls, and cups. She works with various “comfort” forms that are meant to make the user feel right at home with the pieces in their hands. Although she is based in Little Rock, she ships her work throughout the United States.

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Sweet & Savage Soaps 

Sarah Honey is the soap artist behind Sweet & Savage Soaps. Honey makes soap that could be better described as soap sculpture. She is a former member of the Innovation Hub, where she learned to make ceramics so that she could incorporate soap dishes and other ceramic objects into her product line. At Merry Market, Honey will be selling handmade cold processed soap, pottery dishes made with recycled glass, and all natural pest control products.

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Richie Clark Clothing

Clothing designer, Shamirra Clark, says,

“the name, Richie Clark, is a take on my grandmother’s name. She bought my first sewing machine for me when I was 16 and helped start an incredible journey. The values that were instilled in me by the women that raised me still guide me to this day and have helped me hold the vision for this brand. They empowered me to believe in myself, love myself, and define myself for myself.”

Check out Clark’s booth at Merry Market!

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Berkshire Creations 

Deitra Blackwell makes handmade, nature-inspired jewelry in gold, sterling silver, brass, copper and mixed media. Blackwell says of her work;

Most of my work is inspired by the shapes, lines, and patterns found in nature, such as leaves, flowers, birds, and sea creatures.  Including these in my work provides a way to honor the beauty, and fragility, of the natural world.

Blackwell will be selling necklaces, brooches and more!

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The House of Ivy

Rebecca Ann Ivy is a local author, illustrator and self publisher of children’s books! Ivy has been writing children’s stories since her teens. Until recently, she made children’s books at home and gave them to her grandchildren and neighborhood children as gifts. As her fan base grew, she decided to publish her works. The House of Ivy will have several unique books for sale at Merry Market. 

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Pup Eats Dog Treats

If you have fur babies, fur grand babies, or just dote on a special pooch, then Pup Eats Dog Treats is the booth for you! Molly Gallaher makes dog treats, dog bandanas, and dog wash soap. All of her treats are homemade without preservatives or added sugar. All of her products would make perfect stocking stuffers for that special pup in your life. 

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Mellow Motifs *Hub Member*

Melanie Leill makes mindfully hand crafted functional pottery and home decor. Leill is an active Hub member and she uses the Hub ceramic studio to create her pottery. She will be selling pottery and macrame at Merry Market.

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Keto Treats by Chelle *St. Joseph Member*

Rachelle makes low carb, diabetic friendly desserts.


Heart and Treasure

Angela Courtney makes wall art and accessories.


Fiber Junkie

Fiber Junkie, by Ronya N. Byrd is a Little Rock fiber arts shop offering hand dyed, small batch yarn, handmade apparel, and home goods. Small batch yarn will include both ready to order and custom dyed options. Their handmade apparel features an eclectic mix of bow ties, pocket squares, and baby bibs. Fiber Junky also offers a diverse array of cloth napkins to round off their handmade textile offerings.

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K Mikeal Art  – *Hub Member*

Kaitlyn Mikeal is a local artist. Her work consists of block prints, etchings, painting and more. Mikeal will be selling fine art and prints at Merry Market. 

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Forever Flowers

Ronda Petray makes steampunk jewelry from antique watches and other up-cycled materials! Petray creates designs that utilize broken and unwanted items and transforms them in to lasting, creative gifts!

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Jessica Deberry takes pride in offering an array of sweets – all hand-crafted – all from her heart. She uses the finest ingredients from local farmers and producers which are organic and sustainably produced when possible. At Merry Market, she will have baked goods and Christmas cookie kits.

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MeezChef Creations

Saige Anderson makes tufted wall hangings and rugs, stickers, and clay decor. Her designs feature irreverent renditions of familiar items such as Morton salt boxes or eggs (sunny side up). Anderson will be bringing selling an assortment of her works at Merry Market.

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Daughters of the Forge

Melita Tucker creates finely crafted items from Leather and Wood. Tucker uses a laser to engrave complex patterns and designs into her objects. Her work features historical motifs as well as contemporary references. Tucker’s work ranges from jewelry such as leather bracelets to home decor such as a laser engraved tray. 

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Eikon Woodworks

Kari Persson makes cutting boards, coasters, and epoxy art.

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Organized Chaos Collection & Knotty by Nature Woodturning

Erin and Cody Mayfield make pressed Arkansas wildflower sun catchers and jewelry and Arkansas wood turned into bowls & vases.

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Created to Create Studio

Allison Tucker is a two dimensional artist who uses water color and pencils to create various styles of work. Her name stems from the Bible verse John 4:19. Tucker states:

This [verse] has been the foundation and motivation for my artistic journey as I strive to apply it to my life, purpose, and creative process.

Tucker  will be selling prints and stickers of her artwork at Merry Market.

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Ari’s Glow Candle Co.

Ashia Shelton makes hand poured candles, bath products, body products. Shelton’s candles are handmade in small batches with clean, plant based ingredients. Each candle is made with sustainably sourced fragrances and materials.

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Corazon Design

Andrea Flores makes accessories made with sustainably sourced materials, second hand first.

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Squirrel Soap

April Teoulet makes soaps, bath bombs, lotions, salt scrubs, and perfumes.

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Steamy Balls

Lisa Chinnici makes bath and body products that she will be selling at Merry Market.

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Wrapped by Alexis

Alexis Williams makes Headbands, hair wraps, scarves, skirts, dresses.

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ADDulting Simpli

Melissa Chwalinski-Gordon will be bringing planners, habit trackers, journals, and calendars to Merry Market.

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Art Group Gallery, Little Rock, Arkansas

Vonda Rainey will be selling original oil paintings at Merry Market.

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Stranjar thangz

Joan Wright will be selling handmade Pandora bracelets, leather bracelets, live edge wood work, cedar fowl bowls, and handmade jewelry.



Fetch Lifestyle

Jeanene Taft makes reversible pet bandanas.

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F.M. Wolfe – *Hub Member*

Federico Mendez makes handmade pottery.

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Stellar Finds

Patricia Graves will be selling a mixture of vintage decor and goods, vinyl records, and original small batch prints, cards, and ornaments. 

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Mama’s Crochet N Crafts

Tonya Fendley is bringing crochet and knit items to Merry market.

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Swinkky Dinks

Melissa Swink will be selling handcrafted art.

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Homeschool Central LLC

Stephanie Cole will be selling kids toys, craft kits, and used homeschooling books.

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Walnut Valley Honey Company

Vera Zawislak will be selling artisan soap, handcrafted lip balms, lotion bars, pure beeswax candles, and beeswax wraps.

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The MoKasso Experience 

Monica McGee makes arts and crafts that she will be selling at Merry Market.

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My Pretty Things

Charlotte Hughes will be selling handmade purses and jewelry.



Kimiara Johnson makes artwork, coasters, and more.


The Cracked Pot

Laurie Prather will be selling natural products for home and body.

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Adam Kittrell Makes Stuff

The Innovation Hub’s wood shop foreman, Adam, will be selling his handmade woodworks.