TinkerCAD is a really fun way to start creating your own 3D models.

TinkerCAD is a free, online CAD (computer-aided design) program that you can access on a computer, tablet or phone. Kids will need an adult to sign them up with an account—and depending on age, they may need assistance with the starter tutorials. Once they get a little practice though, they should be able to jump right into creating 3D models which can be 3D-printed, used to make video games or animations or just fun virtual scenes and worlds. We love how easy it is to get started and how fun it is to transform your creations into LEGO and Minecraft Blocks in the program! The scribble tool is a quick way to hand-draw models. It seems like that would be impossible, but it’s not—and it’s a lot of fun. Definitely check it out!

No 3D printer? No worries! You can even send your 3D models off to companies like Shapeways.com and they will 3D print them for you!

Once you make your 3D masterpiece, go to fullscreen, take a screenshot and please send it to us at info@arhub.org (or message one of our social media accounts) and we will proudly share it with the world!

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  • For families that want a more advanced and versatile, free 3D modeling program, try Blender or Fusion 360 which are excellent!

Adam McEvoy

Adam McEvoy

STEM Educator

My whole life I have felt like I am exploring a new, alien world where there is something unique to find, exciting to try, and fascinating to learn everywhere I look! I am at my happiest when I am sharing those interesting finds and experiences along with my own new creations with others. Adam is a STEM Educator for the Innovation Hub.