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April showers bring May flowers but you may not have the fondest idea of what they are.
Adam McEvoy here from the Innovation Hub and I can help with that. All you need is a phone and a few clever apps and you can find out what those weird plants are without having to know what a pinnate leaf or a rhizome is. Some of these apps require you to take a picture and then compare your photo to other photos and some utilize a vast community of specialists and botanists to ID your strange plant for you.
This kind of thing is actually a big deal because identifying a plant, or anything for that matter, is the first step in learning about it and understanding how it fits into your world!
Try these apps out in your yard:
  • Flower Checker uses real-life botanists to identify plants, fungus, mosses, and lichens.
  • PlantSnap is great for identifying plants found commercially.
  • Picture This AI is an online plant encyclopedia and instant plant identifier.
Good luck!
Adam McEvoy

Adam McEvoy

STEM Educator

My whole life I have felt like I am exploring a new, alien world where there is something unique to find, exciting to try, and fascinating to learn everywhere I look! I am at my happiest when I am sharing those interesting finds and experiences along with my own new creations with others. Adam is a STEM Educator for the Innovation Hub.

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