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Fun, Interactive STEAM Field Trips—Delivered Virtually or In-Person

Our live, kit-based STEAM field trips bring expert instructors and engaging, hands-on projects to your students—at the Hub or wherever their learning is happening.

It’s easy! Visit the Innovation Hub—or let us bring the field trip to you—virtually!

Our STEAM-based field trips are educational, fun and thought-provoking. Each experience includes a hands-on project designed to engage your students’ hands and minds whether they are visiting the Hub or interacting virtually.

Each field trip exposes students to a variety of creative possibilities—from technology to art to entrepreneurial ventures. Students don’t just learn—they engage and are encouraged to investigate and explore!

Visit the Innovation Hub in-person!
Bring your class to the Innovation Hub and give your students the benefit of experiencing Arkansas’ first makerspace in-person. Students will receive a tour of the Hub’s studio spaces in addition to their selected field trip. Hands-on activities are dynamic at the Hub. Students will see our state-of-the-art spaces and equipment in action! We care about your safety and we ask that all attendees wear masks while inside the Innovation Hub.

Kit-based, virtual field trips that rock!
Our virtual experiences are every bit as fun and engaging as the in-person ones. Students receive digital or physical kits with the tools and materials they need to complete their project. And, we made it easy for teachers, too! We provide the instructors and kits. You provide the students. It’s that simple. 

Virtual experiences can be held via Google Meet or Zoom.

Scholarship opportunities are available. Please fill out our application form to be considered.


Every field trip includes materials and tools for students to use in engaging, hands-on projects.

Maker Show

1st–12th Grade | $20/student 
Capacity: 15-75

Inspire your students to be the next generation of makers!

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The Innovation Hub team of makers and educators has an incredible show and tell of how we make things in our makerspace. Experience science, technology, engineering, arts, and math in a new way that will excite youth on the possibilities of learning across all STEAM-related fields. Tune in with us virtually or bring your group to the Hub to learn how things are made in this interactive Maker Show.

TinkerCAD 3D Design

4th–12th Grade | $12/student 
Capacity: 15-25

Learn to design 3D objects for animations, games & 3D printing.

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Learn to use TinkerCAD—a free, online, 3D design program that will allow you to make digital objects for animations, video games, or 3D printing.

Vector Design

4th–12th Grade | $12/student
Capacity: 15-25
Learn the art and power of vectors, and what they are used for!
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Vector who? Laser engrave what? What sorcery is this?!

Vector art is composed of computer-generated points, lines, and shapes which are capable of creating logos, artwork, and other graphic assets for companies.  Students will explore ways vectors can be used—such as laser engraving on wood or even screen printing onto t-shirts.

Scribble Bots

3rd–12th Grade | $18/student
Capacity: 25-40

Create a do-it-yourself, modifiable, robot that makes art! Explore how robots can move!

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Calling all budding inventors, aspiring roboticists, and emerging avant-garde artists! This incredibly fun, hands-on experience is made for you! Become engineers and learn all about artistic design, electricity, and how to combine basic components like switches, motors, and cams to create art-making robots. These mechanical creations can be endlessly tinkered with in order to solve problems, overcome new challenges, and draw beautiful designs.


1st–12th Grade | $17/student
Capacity: 15 – 40

Learn the old school way to make your own prints. 

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Learn the “old school” way to print. Then impress your friends and family with custom made note cards, wrapping paper, and more created from stamps envisioned and made by your hands. We’ll focus on learning printmaking techniques you can do at home—including monoprints and collagraphs.

Tie-Dye Tees

4th–12th Grade | $18/student
Capacity: 15 – 40

Create your own vibrant style with these 

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Students will jump into the fun end of art by learning how to apply colors and organic patterns to textiles like t-shirts. During the experience, they’ll explore the science of color and learn just how far some artists can push the art of dye and strings!

Screen Printing

4th–12th Grade | $20/student
Capacity: 15 – 40

Print and paint on fabric to make your own style!

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Learn the process of screen printing that pros use to make posters, tote bags, t-shirts, and more. Then we’ll show you a way to screenprint at school, from home…anywhere! Make it POP! by hand painting with watercolor or fabric paints. Your field trip kit provides everything students need to print their own poster and tote bag!

Watercolors & Dyes

3rd–12th Grade | $18/student
Capacity: 15  – 40

Get messy with the science of natural dyes. 

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In this hands-on field trip, students use watercolors and dyes to learn about cochineal ecology and conduct a variety of visual chemistry experiments. Don’t worry, it all makes sense as we go along! Just be prepared to be dazzled by color in a whole new way!

Refund policies for our classes and workshops: Due to the diverse number of classes, workshops, summer camps, and field trips we offer, we have created a cancellation policy that gives us an opportunity to fill our schedule. You may cancel by phone or by sending an email to education@arhub.org. If you have to cancel your upcoming class, private instruction session, workshop, field trip, or summer camp registration, refunds will be given as follows: Cancellations made 30 days or more in advance of the event date will receive a 100% refund, cancellations made 15-30 days in advance of the event date will receive a 50% refund, cancellations made 0-14 days within the event date will not receive any type of refund.

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