Fun Field Trips for Future Makers

We create a collaborative environment where students are exposed to a variety of creative possibilities — from technology to art to entrepreneurial ventures — and we encourage them to investigate and explore through hands-on activities under the guidance of experienced mentors. All field trips are 2-hours in length and available Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 am and 2 pm.

If you have 50-100 students, check out our Hub Immersion Field Trip.


4th Grade + | Maximum of 25 Students | $6 per student

There are robots all around us, helping us with everyday tasks. What separates a robot from other machines? How do they work? How are they controlled? In this class, students will get a basic introduction to coding and learn how to lay out a series of commands for a robot to follow. Next, it’s time to get hands-on with a robot and see how well their code works.

Screen printing

4th Grade + | Maximum of 25 Students | $12 per student

Print your own t-shirts, bags, or posters just like the pros do it.  Select from our Innovation Hub designs created by our art team.  Then put your muscles to the test when you squeegee prints of your very own products to take home that day.  One t-shirt (or bag) included for each student.

Video Game Design

4th Grade + | Maximum of 25 Students | $6 per student

What kid doesn’t love video games? Well you may be surprised to learn that making them can be as much fun as playing them! Your students will learn to use Unity, a free world building game engine, to design their own worlds from hills and valleys, down to what types of trees and grass grow there. After their world is built, they can explore it with a character whose speed and strength can be controlled with just a few lines of code.

3D Design

4th Grade + | Maximum of 25 Students | $7 per student

3D Printing is one of the most rapidly advancing technologies that we have here at the Hub. Your students will learn how these amazing machines work, and see them in action! They will learn how to use free 3D modeling software to create models that could be 3D printed. Students will have a chance to learn how to create their own 3D model, but they will not leave with it in hand due to time constraints. But have no fear! They will walk away with a 3D trinket designed by the Hub masters!


4th Grade + | Maximum of 25 Students | $12 per student

Students will see how clay can be turned into functional pots or beautiful sculptures. They will work with a professional ceramic artist to create their own ceramic piece.

Laser Cutting

4th Grade + | Maximum of 25 Students | $8 per student

Laser. Vector art. Image burning. What is all this talk?! The laser is all about vector art! Vector art is used in graphic design to create logos and assets for companies and marketing. It can also be used for controlling a laser cutter to burn images onto woods or acrylics. Students will learn to create vector art and prepare it to run on the laser cutter, producing beautiful masterpieces.


6th Grade + | Maximum of 25 Students | $6 per student

It’s not rocket science. Well… it kind of is. We will discuss the four forces of flight and everything that must be considered when something is flying through the air. Students will take a hands on approach and build a rocket out of basic craft supplies and launch it (or blow it up) with our pneumatic rocket launcher! For an added memorable experience we will also have a drone flight demonstration.


4th Grade + | Maximum of 25 Students | $8 per student


Are you curious about how electricity, circuits and electronics work? Do you want your students to have a fun, hands-on learning experience? If so, this is the field trip to choose! Students learn the physics of electricity, simple circuits and the components required to repair, design and build electronics. After learning the basics, they’ll enjoy creating a battery using simple components and build a functioning circuit with their handmade batteries!



Are you having a hard time deciding between all of our choices? Problem solved! We’ve combined all of our most popular field trips into one amazing Hub experience for large groups.  All students will experience several Art & Make activities of the Innovation Hub, including laser cutting, engineering, ceramics, and screen printing. Students will leave with these items: laser cut piece, unfired ceramic creations, and a screen printed t-shirt (or bag).

Available for booking Wednesday mornings from September through May for groups of 50-100 students.  The cost of this field trip is $12 per student and 6 chaperones.

Due to the diverse number of classes, workshops, summer camps and field trips we offer, we have created a cancellation policy that gives us an opportunity to fill our schedule. You may cancel by phone or by sending an email to If you have to cancel your upcoming class, workshop, field trip or summer camp registration refunds will be given as follows: Cancellations made 30 days or more in advance of the event date will receive a 100% refund, cancellations made 15-30 days in advance of the event date will receive a 50% refund, cancellations made 0-14 days within the event date will not receive any type of refund.

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