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On behalf of the Innovation Hub staff and Advisory board, we would like to thank you for considering volunteering your time at The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub. Here at the Innovation Hub, we recognize that time is a very valued asset, and we are greatly appreciative that you are planning on sharing it with us.

Our volunteers truly are the heart of the Innovation Hub. We would not be able to do what we do without our volunteer’s support, dedication, and hard work. We are always striving to provide access to our unique makerspace, and we need your help to continue to make a difference in the lives of those that we serve. We look forward to receiving your application and meeting with you soon. Thank you for considering giving your time and talent to the Innovation Hub!

Our volunteers are passionate about using their unique experience and skills to give back to the community through meaningful work in education, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Volunteering Opportunities

Become a Hub Guide

Hub guides help with events by greeting the public and sharing about the Hub. Experienced guides can be tour guides. Hub guides should be very familiar with the Hub and will interact with people regularly.

Become a STEAM Cleaning Volunteer

STEAM cleaning volunteers assist with daily needs like cleaning up an area or helping prepare for education or events by moving tables and chairs and putting together STEAM supply kits. This role can be frontfacing or behind the scenes. 

Become an Education Assistant

Education assistants volunteer in the classroom with our educators as assistants for our educators, as well as extra eyes and hands for classrooms during STEAM workshops and classes. This role is great for makers of all kinds, for students who want to learn to teach, and for retired teachers who want to continue to give back to the community.

Become a Gallery Assistant

Gallery assistants volunteer by preparing the art gallery for our monthly featured artist. This role is great for volunteers who would like preparatory training to work in a gallery.

Become a Ceramics Studio Assistant

Ceramics studio assistants volunteer in the pottery studio reclaiming clay, glazing pots, and loading and firing an electric kiln. Some clay experience is required, but in-depth training is provided for all essential duties. 

Become a Screen Printing Studio Assistant

Screen printing studio assistants volunteer in the screen-printing studio reclaiming screens, emulsifying and burning screens for education and events. They also help manage inventory and with cleaning duties.

Become a Media Assistant

Media assistants volunteer using creative talents in photography and videography to capture events and content for social media and design digital assets for educational outreach.

Become a STEAM Builder - Great for Team Building!

If you and/or your team are looking for team-building activities and ways to give back to the community, we got you! Volunteering as STEAM builders is a great way to participate in group community service activities to impact the youth around the state and our local maker community by preparing our supplies and spaces for events and education.

Important Information

Volunteer Application

The first step in the volunteer process is filling out our digital volunteer application. Please click here to apply. 

Volunteer Requirements

Minimum Age: 18 years old 

Number of Hours Required: Active volunteers should complete five or more hours of volunteering every 6 months. Some positions may require specific time commitments due to training requirements. See job descriptions to learn more. 

Processing Required: Prospective volunteers must complete a volunteer application, interview, background check, and an orientation in order to be scheduled for volunteer hours.  

Interview(s): After completing the application process, a screening interview must be scheduled with the volunteer coordinator. Applicants are reviewed and considered based on assessed skills, interests, level of demonstrated commitment, and the availability of volunteer positions. A reference check and a criminal background check are then conducted.  

Orientation and Training: Once all interviews and paperwork have been completed, the volunteer coordinator will reach out to schedule the mandatory orientation. Orientation topics include a general overview of the volunteer program, machine and environmental safety, liability, machine-specific competencies, and other Winrock and Innovation Hub policies and information. Volunteers must complete a re-orientation and be evaluated annually to maintain an active status. Volunteers should be properly trained by their departmental supervisor or designated staff to successfully complete assigned tasks. This training is divided into two areas: basic workplace instruction (e.g. location of the bathroom, where to put your personal belongings, etc.) and job instruction.  

Attendance: Volunteers are expected to meet their commitments to their scheduled service hours. Supervisors must be notified of any absences in advance or as soon as possible. The volunteer coordinator should be notified of any extensive absences. After three consecutive unexcused absences without notification, the supervisor and/or the volunteer coordinator reserve the right to terminate a volunteer.  

All volunteers must sign in and out when reporting for service. Failure to do so and illegible handwriting will result in service hours not being recorded. 

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteer benefits include the following…

  1. Recognition of volunteers during the annual National Volunteer Week
  2. Letter of service after 75 hours upon request
  3. Use of the Innovation Hub’s co-work space
  4. Fellowship and camaraderie with Innovation Hub members, makers, and fellow volunteers 
  5. Volunteer Appreciation Event (recognition & fun awards) 
  6. Invitation to our annual holiday party 
  7. Quarterly volunteer community make nights 
  8. Opportunities for professional development 
  9. Teaching experience 
  10. Equipment training

As a volunteer, you are a vital part of the Innovation Hub community. We can’t wait to welcome you into our space and serve alongside you to foster innovation and expand opportunity.

For any questions, please email our volunteer coordinator, Hannah May, at hannah.may@arhub.org or contact us by calling (501) 907-6570

The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub is a proud affiliate of Winrock International.


Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub
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