Membership during COVID-19

Learning never stops here at the Hub and we are excited to launch a platform that will provide our members virtual online classes!  

Other ways you can partner with the Hub: Over the past few days, we have been researching masks, face shields, materials, manufacturing options, supply lines, and more—as well as producing and iterating designs for hospitals and universities.

You are a maker—and you are needed! Please fill out the survey to let us know what you can make and join the Slack Channel to be in on the conversation. 

Memberships: You have three options with your membership at this time.

  1. Continue your monthly payments and receive free months when we reopen.
  2. Pause your membership.
  3. Donate your monthly membership fees to the Hub so we can continue providing free, virtual online learning resources.

Please email us at to let us know how you would like to proceed with your membership or if you have any questions. To our members who chose to rollover their membership, we thank you. Once we have an official re-opening date, we will be extending your memberships to make up for the time that the Hub has been closed. Our membership team will send members an email containing their updated expiration date once memberships have been extended.