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What is Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy helps bridge the gap between, teachers, parents, and students with digital understanding, especially when it comes to virtual learning.

The Five Components of Digital Literacy in Arkansas

Affordability: Arkansas is home to 487K students and 34K teachers in the state K-12 system, 27 % of whom receive assistance for lunch.

Content: In Spring 2020, 50% of Arkansas students participated in online learning.

Connectivity: 25% of Arkansas households do not have broadband internet access.

Device: Currently, there is a concerted effort to provide content, affordable broadband access and critical devices in the state. 

Digital Understanding: However, families and teachers are in need of digital literacy to comfortably, effectively, and fully utilize these resources.


NEEDS ASSESSMENT: We will work with your district, schools, and teachers to determine how best to help your parents and students when it comes to digital learning.

ONLINE PLATFORM: We will create an online platform for your district and schools to share and for parents and students to utilize.

INSTRUCTIONAL DEPLOYMENT: We will provide in-person and online instruction for digital and virtual learning.

EVALUATION: We will evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of our programs and tools and how they have helped your district and schools.

Curious how our program has worked so far?
Thank you to the LRSD School District for your work with our pilot program!

Let's Get Started!

Are you ready for our team to help take your virtual learning to the next level? We can empower your school community by training teachers, parents, and students in confidence when it comes to learning virtually.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Schoology?

Schoology is a learning management system. 

It allows teachers/students the following capabilities:

  • a place to house all curriculum material
  • a place for students to turn in work
  • a place for students to take assessments
  • a place for teachers & students to communicate safely
  • a place for students to interact & collaborate safely
  • a place to communicate due dates & upcoming events
  • a place for teacher interaction & collaboration
How do I view my students past assignments?

To view your students past assignments, watch this short video!

Help! I need a daily routine for my children!

Here are a couple of examples of daily virtual schedules for your students.

Also, this blog link is an excellent tool to help give your children a structure.

How do I connect my Google Drive and/or One Note to Schoology?

This video will show you how to submit an assignment using google docs, but also show you how to connect your Google Drive account.

How do I fill out or a sign a PDF without printing?

There are several ways to fills out a PDF without printing and they vary depending on your device of choice. We recommend this blog for help: Windows, Mac, IOS, or Android. However, if you do not have Adobe, we recommend a browser PDF editor that you can search. 

My students assignment is requiring an audio/video recording, please help!

If the teacher has requested audio or video for the assignment, it will be an available option. Click this link to learn how.

Is there a training course that Schoology offers just for parents?

Check here to find more resources from Schoology for more Parent/Guardian resources.

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