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Drawing can be intimidating because we often think that our drawings need to be perfect or realistic to be considered “good” or worth the time, but this is simply not true. In this video, we will go over a variety of exercises that help train your eyes to see more carefully, boost your creativity, and improve your eye-hand coordination. These drawings will not turn out the way you expect, but they will be fun and interesting! Please see below the list of materials and tools needed for this project.

About Katelyn Cartwright

Katelyn Cartwright is the Senior Associate of Education at The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub at Winrock International, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of Arkansans by inspiring innovation and expanding opportunity. Katelyn teaches hands-on STEAM activities to students of all ages and oversees the in-house educational programming at the Innovation Hub. 

In addition to nine years of traditional teaching experience in special education, art, and STEAM programming, Katelyn has worked with ceramics, fused glass, and stained.  

In her free time, Katelyn enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, working in the glass studio, and loving on her cat and three dogs. 

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The Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub is a proud affiliate of Winrock International.


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